Monday, February 11, 2013

New York Toy Fair Day 2

And now for the next bit of Toy fair goodness! Today, I did the top floor and went over some awesome stuff! Today's appointment was MGA, who disallowed photos, but tomorrow I have appointments with Mattel and one with Bandai who's, like, the Mattel of Japan! Exciting!
This is Serpent Stones, a self-contained card game where you play the role of an Aztec Death God and try to steal the stones of the other death god.
A model of Knight Blazer from Wild ARMs! It might not excite many of you, but I loves me some Wild ARMs!
Squishables; no matter how hard you hug it, the squish never runs out! It did wonders for all the stress in my arms.
Spae Adventure ("Magnote", I think) construction kits. Surprisingly bigger scale than I was expecting.
More construction; these are Knuckle Strutz. A bit of a mouthful, but I imagine they couldn't get away with the name "K'nux".
Another look at the new Pokemon generation coming out in October. They've moved from colors to letters, but why the obsession with Deer?
Ah, Tech Recon. Still in the prototype stages, but they are pistols that fire tiny, safe ammunition that is reusable and requires no CO2(They're sort of like little Fruit-Loops) and has a high-capacity magazine (The rifle version has a clip of 90 shots!). These will be AWESOME!
Radz, sort of customizable Pez-Dispensers that shoot candy out of their...mouths. Hey, at least you aren't Frenching Jar-Jar!
Crazy, CRAZY modular marble-chaser system. I want to build one on a huge rock!

Until next time! I have also been taking a lot of videos of other products and will make a highlight reel (including the USA champ at Speed Stacks doing a full set in under 7 seconds!) Ciao!

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