Friday, August 17, 2012

Kohdok Reviews Scan2Go!

And now for that MGA product scoop: This time it's their imported series Scan2Go!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kohdok Reviews Monster Marbles

In this episode, Kohdok goes over Wowwee's foray into the world of blind-pack toys with Monster Marbles.

The rules for the additional Monster Marbles games:

Monster Bowling:
Build a triangular group of "Monster pins". Slam another marble into them. Any marble that gets dislodged counts towards your score(Use the monster's point value). Both players use the same pin set.

Monster Golf:
Create a Golf Course with a starting point, hole, rough and fairway as well as sand traps and water hazards. Hit your Monster Marble until you slide it over the hole, lowest number of hits wins. Rolling over a sand trap adds 1 swing, rolling over a water hazard adds 2.

Monster Mash:
Each player gets 5 marbles. Each player fires one Monster Marble at their opponent's Monster Marble in a super jousting match. Whoever manages to knock their opponent over in the exchange gains the point values of both Monster Marbles used in the bout. If nobody falls over, joust again. If both fall over, neither player gets any points.

Monster Retirement Planning:
Get your Pension, Investment Options, or 401K information from your employer. Consult with your Monster Marble and see if you are making the right decisions about your future.

Monster Croquet:
Each player needs one marble. Draw up some starting posts two feet apart as well as six "wickets", which are a pair of dots about one Monster-Marble's length across, between them in a swerving path. Players take turns giving their Monster Marbles a single tap to try to get through all six wickets, hit the opposite post, then get through all six again. Getting through a hoop or nudging another Monster Marble gets you another shot.

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