Sunday, February 10, 2013

New York Toy Fair, Day 1, Part 1

Luckily, the hotel is halfway between the Javitz and my next appointment, so here's a quick image dump for you guys. Enjoy! (Warning, pretty darn Hi-res. When I get a better sit-down, I'll fix things.)

Big Red celebrates 20 years of Power Rangers in the US.

And nearby, Little Red prowls the fair. This is called an "Attacknid"

A large-size Cragger, a poor sap from the new Lego series Chima.

A new product from Hexbug. I couldn't film it, but the things this thing could do was...amazing...Keep an eye out.

More Chima, this is Eris's plane.

More lego, the triumphant return of the Castle series!

"Drive closer, I want to hit them with my sword!!"

Aurora toys, makers of Yoohoo, held a contest to design the color scheme of their new addition, a Triceratops. Here is the prototype of the winner.

Up next, my Hasbro appointment! We'll see what's up there!

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