Monday, February 11, 2013

New York Toy Fair Day 1, Part 2

And now for some photos from my visit to the Hasbro off-site appointment I had. After this, I went home and slept for 12-hours straight.

Again, huge res.

New ponies? What's this, Twilight as an Alicorn? OMGWTFBBQSEEDFLARE!!
A mini-pony with Fluttershy getting her own sculpt?! Awesome!

Another look at Ali-Twi. Fun stuff!

More minis, featuring Whitelestia, Twilight, and Queen Chrysalis!

A look at some of the many grown-up fans of FiM. I love this added touch! Apparently the official name they use for Derpy these days is "Muffins". Works for me.
Some look at the new Transformers Prime toys.

And Construction Bots, sort of a Bionicle/Hero Factory Transformers. Whether or not "Bionicleformers" can be produced has yet to be known.
And now for some firepower. The new Vortex line sports a keen Hot-rod look. This one can carry some ungodly number of discs.
And speaking of construction, here is an interior look of the new KREO Enterprise!
A look at some new Shogun Steel. They also came up with these sort of battle warriors that have the half-torsoes of warriors on them...eeeeeeyeahhhhhhhhh...
Aw crap, B-Daman! I guess this means I have to review them now, doesn't it?
Some new Spider Man 6-inch figures. Do I see Mysterio?
"Avengers, Assemble!"...sorry, guys...

And, of course, the new piece of the Monopoly game: The Cat. It's like cats and Dogs. Living together. MASS HYSTERIA!!

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