Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York Toy Fair Day 3: Mattel/Bandai

TONS of appointments today: Mattel, Bandai, Moose, and I managed to sneak into Playmates! Bandai forbade photos, but I got a look at the new Power Rangers Megaforce, Pac-Man, Ben-10 (Including Ben-10 Gundam-style model kits) and a series called "LBX", which has an adjoining cartoon that Bandai is seeking North American distribution for (My prediction is Cartoon Network, or maybe 4Kids).

Part of the display for Max Steel; Max is a hero who produces an energy called "Turbo Power"
However, the Turbo Power is almost impossible to control in its raw state, so Max fuses with a robot called "Steel", who absorbs and can properly focus the energy into a variable battle suit. (Steel is the device that isn't the sword)

Together, they...fight crime... Line includes basic figures like this, larger, more articulated figures, and a spinning battle figure game.

Max Steel wasn't the only Man of Steel present in the Mattel Booth. Unfortunately, photos of the new Superman toys was off-limits. However, there is the ability to shoot Superman at people. Keep an eye out.
Now for some Monster High. I see a Genie! I also see standard Howleen and another figure using the Howleen body type.
And finally, some Hot Wheels! There's a Mold your own Hot Wheels set:
A target game of Hot Wheels-Pinball. Pinwheels? WheelsPong? Hotball?
And a triple loop set that uses *sigh* an augmented reality app(Really? Nobody's gotten that right yet. Nuko's come close, but...).
Other notables include the move of Imaginext back into its City-ish lineup, a new show and new look for Little People, and more app-powered things.
There will be more parts to this update! Coming soon, Playmates!

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