Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York Toy Fair, Day 3: Playmates

I managed to sneak into Playmates and get a look at some Turtle Power! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the biggest properties of 2012 and won two TOTY awards!
An exciting addition to the Role-Play lineup, a wearable shell!

We got the Classics line, featuring Beebop and Rocksteady!
Next, Mikey on one of those three-wheeled motorcycles. I am told the final version features Raph, but Mikey just fits it so much better, right?
Like the Anchovy Alley transforming pizza box, we now have Shredder's Lair!
And, the grand-daddy of them all, the absolutely enormous Sewer Playset! Don't be fooled by the box, this sucker's huge!
Wow, it's 2am. I need to get some shut-eye for tomorrow. Moose and others will arrive once I arrive back in Dallas tomorrow.
Until then, enjoy what I've got up so far!


  1. Are you going to see skylanders swap force?

    1. I did, but they didn't let me film it. The game looks like a pretty big departure, with an emphasis on hi-def graphics and action over the classic exploration of the others. There's jumping, first of all, and the bottom swap-halves have a movement element, meaning more elemental gates to buy for...

  2. Great job, buddy. Looks like you got some very choice shots here. Are you going to cover Jakks-Pacific here (Pokémon, Monsuno, WWE Wrestling, etc.)?

    1. Jakks lost the Pokemon license to TOMY (Which, trust me, is a good thing). I have more results on my Youtube channel.